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Business Process

Leading business process solution with global reach and depth of expertise across different industries.

About us

Bakone Business Management & Consulting(BBMC) is one of the fastest growing South African Business Process Solutions company with global reach and depth of expertise across a range of industries and serves multinational clients across the globe. BBMC provides tailored business process solutions, technology solutions, and experienced professionals to help our clients streamline productivity, improve efficiency, and reduce operational costs.

We offer services to effectively deliver IT-enabled business processes, application and testing services and infrastructure solutions. Organisations can thus improve their focus on core business activities, increasing efficiency and saving costs. By partnering with the BBMC team, your organisation will have the advantage to access capabilities and facilities not accessible or affordable. 



Sustained Partnering

Two decades of transformational BPS results with a track record of sustained partnering

World Class Footprint

World class footprint

Bespoke Solutions

Customised and niche BPS solutions that have delivered sustainable results across multiple industries

Our Services:

We offer world-class outsourcing solutions that help our clients achieve growth and cost efficiencies on a range of business processes. BBMC’s core strength is in the management of highly complex end to end projects that involve our services and competencies within our Finance and Accounting, Payroll services, Corporate Procurement, Digital Technology Solutions and IT Outsourcing. This is well complemented by a highly qualified and experienced team positioned to provide a centre of excellence for local and multinational entities looking at growing on the African Continent.


We offer all aspects of residential gas installations


    Whatever organizational challenges firms face, we enable businesses process excellence to improve economic and business value resulting in impactful, flexible, scalable delivery with sustainable benefits.


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    169 Garsfontein Road, Ashlea Gardens, Pretoria

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