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4 CIT Suspects Gunned Down in KwaMashu

Cash in transit heist in KwaMashu
Photo credit: Facebook/Zondi’s Traffic Updates

Suspects linked to cash in transit heists have been gunned down in a shootout with the police in KwaMashu, north of Duban on Friday.

There has been a spate of heists with a similar modus operandi around the area where armoured vehicles have been bombed to gain access to the money.

Two of these heists happened this week in a space of three days, one on Malandela Road on Tuesday and the other on the N2 southbound in the vicinity of Queen Nandi Road on Thursday night.

Speaking to the media, KZN Police Spokesperson Brigadier Jay Naicker says the police identified and breached the safehouse in which the suspects were hiding.

“The mistake these men made was to try and shoot their way out of this scene. During the shootout all four men were fatally wounded,” he said.

Naicker conforms that a large quantity multiple registration plates and explosives were found in the vehicles.

One of the registration plates could be linked to the crime scenes.

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